Life is all about choices 
Sunshine and Seaspray
Lovely thoughts
Lo'ie  Talazor-Montrose
I can not tell you what I am but what I know is that, I love things that move me and make me enjoy living as they have been day that were dark.  You can easily fall off the edge.
Film Director
Finding the right script to film.
Film and Production
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted in a good way by music to film. then readable content can be added to strength your argument.
Writer Composer Singer
It is not easy having you fingers into so many things that run around your mind.  Your head is filled with all sorts of things you just have to find the one that you can easy work on.
Lo'ie Talazor
The days and years went so quickly.
Goblins Of Bosden Hall Fireflicker.  The latest children book, in a long line of children's books a follow on from Beast in Hazel Grove. To follow Hazel Grove out of the Hollow.