Life is all about choices 
Sunshine and Seaspray
Lovely thoughts
Lo'ie  Talazor-Montrose
I can not tell you what I am but what I know is that, I love things that move me and make me enjoy living as they have been day that were dark.  You can easily fall off the edge. Pop a pill smoke a deadly joint and slip off the world. 
Film Director
Finding the right script to film. I have found enough projects to film but it the time it takes to set up and find the right actors.  So working in animation makes it so easy. 
Film and Production
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted in a good way by music to film. then readable content can be added to strength your argument. As it is here with 
'Out Of Norbury Hollow' the fairies
have to find a new home and Rittie
the Rat is the hero to help. Little did they know Fanny Quigley witch from Poynton Ridge wanted her body back and was hoping to capture a fairy.
Writer Composer Singer
It is not easy having you fingers into so many things that run around your mind.  Your head is filled with all sorts of things you just have to find the one that you can easy work on.
Lo'ie Talazor
The days and years went so quickly.
When I spent early mornings at a piano singing. Played by someone else, I just had to stand there and sing. In the BLUE NOTE Club.
Goblins Of Bosden Hall Fireflicker.  The latest children book, in a long line of children's books a follow on from Beast in Hazel Grove. To follow Hazel Grove out of the Hollow. 


Vicky Stockton had seen Fanny Quigley  appear from it seems nowhere as she walked the canal banks in Poynton.  She had often walked there and had noticed nothing unusual before. The strange lights and skeleton figure dancing and chanting, she thought it was a commercial film being shot in the area. Vicky felt uneasy as she watched from behind a tree.  When the Pig arrived carrying a cloak for the skeleton, Vicky started trembling as the chill ran up her spine. How would she know what she witness was the rebirth of a witch from so long ago. FANNY QUIGLEY